Schedule 2018-19
Studio AStudio BStudio C
4:15:-5:15Pre Ballet 6/7 4:00-5:30Ballet V/Interm 3x/wk4:00-5:00Ballet IV 2x/wk
5:15-6:15Jazz I-II Age 6-up5:30-6:30Pre Pointe* Age 12-up 5:00-6:30Ballet Adv 3x/wk
4:00-5:00Hip Hop Teen
4:00-5:30Jazz Intermediate*4:00-5:30Tumbling Adv 2x/wk
5:00-6:00 Hip Hop Age 8-12
6:00-7:00 Ballet III 2x/wk 5:15-6:45Tumbling Interm
6:00-7:15Jazz III* (B)7:00-8:00Adult Aerobics
9:30-10:00Toddlers Age 2-3 **
10:00-11:00Pre Ballet/Tap Age 3-5
1:00-2:00Pre Ballet/Tap Age 3-54:00-5:30Tumbling IV 2x/wk
4:00-5:00Ballet II 4:00-5:00Ballet I Age 8-up 5:30-6:30Tumbling Beg Age 5-7
5:00-6:30Ballet V Interm 3x/wk6:30-7:30Tumbling III
7:00-8:00Adult Ballet Beg/Interm
4:00-5:00Pre Ballet 6/74:00-5:00Tap IV (M)4:00-5:00Tumbling I
5:00-6:00 Boys Movement 6-up5:00-6:00Pre Ballet/Tap Age 3-55:00-6:00Tumbling II
6:00-7:00Boys Movement Interm6:00-7:00Tap I-II Age 6-up6:00-7:00Ballet III 2x/wk
7:00-8:30Ballet Adv 3x/wk
2:30-3:30Tumbling IV
3:15-4:45Tumbling Interm
4:30-6:00Tumbling Adv 2x/wk
8:00-9:30Ballet Adv. 3x/wk 8:00-9:30Ballet IV 2x/wk8:00-9:30amBallet V Interm 3x/wk
9:30-11:00Jazz Adv/Contemporary*
11:00-12:00Ballet Tech*** 11:00-12:30Pointe Interm
12:30-1:30Recital Prep

Schedule is subject to change.
*Students enrolled in these classes must also be enrolled in Ballet Technic class.
**Class starts September 5th.
*** Support class for Jazz Students
Fall classes begin August 6th 2018.

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