Summer Tuition

Summer Tuition Prices For 2016


30 min/wk $25.00/month

45 min/wk $35.00/month

1hr/wk $40.00/month

1 ½ hr/wk $50.00/month

2hr/wk $60.00/month

2 ½ hr/wk $70.00/month

3hr/wk $75.00/month

3 ½ /wk $80.00/month

4hr/wk $85.00/month

4 ½ hr/wk $90.00/month

(ADD $5.00 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL HOUR/MONTH (5hr=$95, 6hr=$100, 7hr= $105)

 FAMILY DISCOUNT: 2nd & 3rd child $5 off/month, 4th child $10 off/month.

ADULT CLASSES: $5/class. No other Fees. No discount.

PRIVATE CLASSES: 1 hr/wk $40/class, 45 min/wk $35/class, 30 min/wk $25/class

TUITION IS A MONTHLY FEE.NO MISSED CLASSES CAN BE CREDITED TO THE NEXT MONTH TUITION. It is the students/Parents responsibility to make up for missed classes within the same month.

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