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November 2022 Studio Newsletter

Winter Showcase Information

You must have tickets to attend the Winter Showcase on December 3rd.  Your $15 fee allows as many people as you wish to attend, but your entire group must enter together.  No additional tickets will be handed out.  Come at the correct time to be seated so that you do not interrupt the show.
The dance studio will be closed on December 3rd.
Your dancer must show up for their call time ON TIME.  The class role will be taken at that time.  Dancers will not dance if they are not warm for the safety of the dancer.  If you are late they may not be able to perform.
Please plan according to weather as we will not reschedule unless there is a power outage or severe weather.

Winter Showcase is Saturday, December 3, 2022.  Specific times will be found on your tickets.  If you have not paid your $15 fee for tickets, please pay at the office or Venmo ASAP!

Please see below for what dancers must wear

(see ballet newsletter for ballet and pre-ballet/tap)

Tumbling classes must all wear black leggings and have bare feet.  Each class must also have:
Tumbling I- leotard, black tee-shirt, hair in braids
Tumbling II (Fri)- girls black leotard and hair in braids, boys black tee-shirt
Tumbling II (Wed)- girls: leotard, brown tee-shirt, hair in bun
Tumbling III/Adv- leotard, red or green tee-shirt, ponytail with bubble braid

Hip Hop Beg- red shirt, black pants, black sneakers, hair away from face
Hip Hop Int- light blue shirt, black sneakers, hair away from face
Break Beg- green shirt, black pants, black sneakers, hair away from face
Break Int- navy blue shirt, black pants, black sneakers, hair away from face

Tap Int- black tap shoes, Christmas shirt, black pants, hair away from face

Jazz I- black jazz shoes, black shorts, blue or white shirt, hair in bun
Jazz III- black jazz shoes, black short sleeve leotard, hair in bun
Jazz Int/Adv- black jazz shoes, assigned leotard, hair in bun, black shorts

Dancer Call Times

Hip Hop/Jazz/Tap:

  • call time 11:45
  • seating 12:15
  • show time 12:30


  • call time 1:30
  • seating 2:00
  • show time 2:15
Performance Etiquette

Please be patient if technical difficulties arise.  Please be in your seats prior to the start time of the performance. Doors will open 15 minutes before show time.  Patrons may wear a mask if they would like to.  Please exit between numbers and be respectful of all dancers performing.  We ask that parents wait outside the school, if possible, until 15 minutes prior to seating times.  Feel free to take photos or videos, but no flash photography.

Cleaning and Safety Procedures

We ask that you assure your area is tidy when you leave.  We will sanitize where possible between shows.  Dancers are in charge of keeping track of their own items.  Any items found between or after shows will be in the lost and found at the dance studio the following week.