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Recital for Ballet


Ready for Recital

Ballet bun low side view
Ballet bun high


Any child who is performing in any ballet class in the recital must have their hair in a bun!


Buns must be at the back of the dancers head roughly even with their ears.  Buns should not be on the top of the dancer’s head.  A low ballet bun is pictured left and a high ballet bun is pictured right.  Your child’s teacher will tell you exactly where the bun should be but it will be in one of these places.

Buns should be held in place with a hair tie so that there is no hair on the dancer’s face.  It should be smooth, with no visible part.  If your dancers has bangs, they need to be held back with bobby pins or rubber bands so that they are not visible.  Buns are then held in place with bobby pins.  If you need to, you can use a bun donut.  The bun is then covered with a hair net so that no hair escapes during the performance.

A video tutorial of ballet buns is available here.

Stage makeup simple
Stage makeup max

Stage Makeup

Stage makeup helps to see the dancers’ faces on the stage in the bright lights.  On the left is a light version of makeup, please do not go any lighter than this.  On the right is a darker version of makeup, do not go any darker than this.

Makeup to Wear:
Foundation- that matches the skin (this will reduce glare)
Eyebrow Fill- to make their brows visible
Blush- brighter than you would wear out and about
Bronzer- to define facial features
Eyeshadow- in a neutral color (do NOT try to match their costume)
Eyeliner- above and below the eye (see right for shape)
Mascara- no false lashes except for Ballet Advanced
Lipstick- pink or mauve that will not come off on costumes (NO red)