Excel Dance Studios

a non-competition school

Get moving in our positive dance environment!
Dance is for everyBODY




ballerina en pointe with male ballet dancer

Student Pricing

Classes start at only one hour/week for $47/month, and go up on a decreasing scale, based on the number of hours you are taking, so that the more hours you take, the less you pay per hour! There is also a discount for additional children in the same family.

There are various costs for uniforms, depending on the class you are taking, which are straight cost per item purchases, with discounts offered at the beginning of the year to buy your entire uniform and shoes.

There are fees for performances, and a costume fee for our yearly spring recital, and a 1x/school year registration fee.

Adult Pricing

Adult classes are paid for by a punch card system, where if the punch card is purchased, each one-hour class averages to just $11.75/class!

Drop-in classes start at $15/hour.